RETTER Projectmanagement offers in the project management field the entire spectrum of consulting and management services, which are rendered in all project stages. 

Our customers include both enterprises established in different industries, as well as public employers from the federal, state, and local governments. 

Depending on project requirements we assume - on behalf of our customers - a variety of project control and project management tasks. 

When providing customized solutions we take account of any political, regional, social, legal, and environmental requirements relevant to the respective building project. In doing so, we are always focused on fully meeting the project’s targets and ensuring its overall economic success. 

We have managed to substantially increase the quality of our services by deploying a very efficient software tool, that has been tried and tested internationally and then adapted to the specific needs of the Romanian market. This has been done in collaboration with Sfirion AG München (and in Romania through our common subsidiary S.C. Sfirion SRL respectively). 

This software is used in the course of project development in the fields of budgeting, construction calculation, site controlling, document management, and resource management.