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Design, project management, execution, are basic steps in carrying out projects in construction field.

Are you looking for a professional and strongly performing partner for your projects?

Then look no further!

RETTER Group is your partner of choice when it comes to efficient project management on the Romanian market!

Our high profile is based on the high quality we deliver.

Test us - and let our service convince you! 

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2016 is the year that marks 10 years of activity of our company.

We started working on the Romanian market in 2006 based on our values that characterize us, and during these 10 years of activity we grew significantly every year motivated by our projects, due to effective management, a dedicated team, strategic and loyal partners and satisfied customers.

We coped brilliantly with an economic crisis feeling the purchasing power decreasing and investments in construction area diminishing, but we reborn stronger and our accumulated experiences was useful for developing of over 100 more   Happy 10th Anniversary Retter Projectmanagement!


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Latest News

Arcul de Triumf: completion of works for the national parade on December 1st, 2016


 The restoration, preservation and consolidation of the Arch of Triumph were completed for the national parade for December 1st, 2016.


RETTER GROUP in cooperation with its partner MAURER AG have designed, built and installed the elastomeric expansion joint. This special feature, with a width of 1.25m and a length of 86m, allows the horizontal movement of the monument without causing structural damage in case of an earthquake, making also possible the passage of the heavy machines such as tanks under the historical monument.


                           "We are proud to have contributed to the rehabilitation of this national symbol

                that made possible the organization of the national parade on December 1st at the Arch of Triumph."

                                                                                 Representative of SC Retter Projectmanagement SRL

18.Nov 2016

The 9th International Conference - BRIDGES IN DANUBE BASIN

The 9th International Conference - BRIDGES IN DANUBE BASIN will take place in Zilina, Slovakia, on September 30th - October 1st, 2016.

30.Sep 2016