Constructii de mediu

Our services for this field include projects for the following sectors: 

  • Water management (water supply, sewage treatment, sewerage system)
  • Waste management (dispose of, recycling)
  • Renewable Energy

The construction of specific installations for water and waste management, as well as the usage of energetic products, is one of today´s complex assignments, which require both an interdisciplinary and a careful environment-friendly management. In the process intervene the legal parameters and the economical general conditions that suffer continuous modifications. 

We rise to this challenge, and offer you, as an integrated part of our company´s concept for this sector, the following services: 

  • consultancy for public partners from federal, state or local governments
    • Tendering process
    • Authorization
    • Operations management
    • Project control and management
    • Project close-up and documentation
  • consultancy for banks and European funding institution
    • Analysis of authorizations
    • Supervision of the contract awarding process
    • Reporting during project development