Design and Execution of Sebeș-Turda Highway LOT 2: km 17 + 000 – km 41 + 250

This project is one of the reference projects for our company, placing RETTER Projectmanagement among the top companies in bridge construction sector in Romania. In close collaboration with the SSF-RO group of companies in Timisoara and SSF Munich, we deploy a first state-of-the-art technology in road infrastructure sector developed by our company especially for Romania.

Together with SSF-RO and SSF Ingenieure AG Munich, the concept and design part of this new type of beams were developed. The metal deck is provided by PAB Romania and together with Lupp and Bauelemente companies the formwork and actual production of beams have been developed. For the assembly of beams we have collaborated with Deme Cranes.

Basically, the classic solutions have been replaced with externally rigid VFT-WIB reinforced prefabricated beams, solutions that turned out to be effective in terms of the benefits of modularity with a simple, easy and fast execution.

The development of the highway system, and also other roads in Romania, gave us the chance to bring added value in this sector through the innovative technology of the first prefabricated beams in composite solution – metal beams embedded in concrete using the VFT – WIB solution in Romania, continued by the series of BFT prefabricated concrete beams and VTR® metal beams (German: VerbundTrägerRost – beam network) which ensures a high standard of quality and strength of the bridges on the Sebeș-Turda Highway LOT 2.

  • Client: JV Aktor Technical Societe Anonyme (Aktor S.A.) - S.C. Euro Construct Trading `98 S.R.L.
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