Uneven overground Overpass – GRANT Bridge

As a representative of Maurer SE locally, we develop projects in anti-seismic field, a complex sector that requires increasing attention given the high seismic risk in Romania over the last 10 years. Grant Bridge is one of the specialized projects in this field concerning the development works, delivery and installation of devices for covering of the expansion joints with type D80 KB.

Delivery of D80/100 KB expansion joints; 

Positioning of joints according to the technical design;

Making welded joint between the anchoring bolts and the bridge reinforcement;

Obtaining the continuity of joint elements by butt welding;

Ensuring the tightness between road structure and expansion joints;

Formwork and concreting the system with reduced shrinkage mortar.

  • Client: CMSPPB SA
  • Categoria: Projects in Progress
  • Locația: Bucharest, RO