Residential Construction

One of the effects of economic growth is the acceleration of the pace of city development, reflected in the need and respectively the growing demand for housing. Projects for the development of complex residential complexes represent a challenge requiring the allocation of considerable resources that can meet the most stringent customer requirements.

Our engineers and specialists plan from the very beginning to the smallest details of the undertaken activity, complying with both the architecture and design methodologies, as well as those related to costs distributed on each stage.

We cover the full range of services required in the residential construction sector, to provide added value to the works performed:

  • Real estate and location choice consultancy
  • Obtaining all necessary approvals and permits
  • Complete design (Master Plan, Concept Design, PAC, PT, DDE)
  • Custom design simulations
  • Counselling on choosing the most suitable materials and decor elements
  • Intermediation of relationships with suppliers
  • Project execution and implementation
  • High quality interior and exterior finish
  • Maintenance and servicing