Completed Projects

Design and execution of the Sebeș-Turda Highway

This project is one of the reference projects for our company, placing RETTER Projectmanagement among the top companies in the field of bridge construction in Romania.

Overpass - GRANT Bridge

The Grant bridge represents one of the specialized projects in this field, with the object of the execution of works for the development, supply and installation of the D80 KB type expansion joint covering devices.

Passage over DN1 – Therme Bucuresti

The object of this project is the construction of an overpass over DN1 Bucharest – Ploiești. Currently, the project is in the PUZ phase, and the execution works will be started in the fall of this year.

Development, supply and installation of shock absorbers

Projects in the anti-seismic field have experienced a significant increase in the last 2 years, which is why, through the collaboration with Maurer SE Muenchen, we offer our customers a wide range of anti-seismic devices, developed and customized according to the specific needs of the customer and accompanied by the services on-site installation/assembly.


The COMPASS (Complex for Production, Administration, Shared Services and Regional Supplies) project will include a regional distribution center, a research and development and scientific services center, an administrative center and a new infusion solution factory and our responsibility is to ensure the services site management, quality monitoring in accordance with the Beneficiary’s requirements and project management.

Ballast: supply of granular material

Through RETTER Resources we develop exploitation and commercialization activities of natural and crushed aggregate materials, in a diversified range of products whose quality is certified by specific analyzes carried out in accredited laboratories.


Design, architectural, structural and HVAC design, authorization procedure for Kika Pallady store in Bucharest.


Partition, execution of finishes, electrical and air conditioning installations at the Chinese Visa Application Centre in Bucharest.

Design and Execution: Tuscan Houses

Since housing is the area of maximum comfort for each of us, we have met our clients’ needs with innovative residential solutions, at the highest standards. The design and execution of the “Tuscan Houses” was an ambitious project and the allocated resources were considerable, in order to meet the most stringent customer requirements, ensuring both the needs of personal safety and the harmonious framing within the urban framework. We have the required experience in building this type of housing and we offer complex and complete services for the performance of all the stages within the residential construction projects.

Among our completed projects ...

Each completed project represents a brick underpinning our success.