SSF-RO Partnership

In collaboration with the SSF-RO Timisoara Firm Group and SSF Ingenieure AG Munich, we research, develop and implement innovative concepts and technical solutions in the construction sector of bridges, tunnels and transport infrastructures, providing customers with an interdisciplinary network of competent solutions based on modularity with a simple, easy and fast execution.

With over 40 years of experience in high-rise and industrial reference buildings, SSF-RO is a design, expertise and consultancy company in the sector of construction engineering and engineering structure design, which was established by the parent company SSF Ingenieure AG München in 2006 in Timişoara.

Out of the desire to find both financially and technically efficient solutions in bridge construction sector, 3 years ago, the SSF Munich, SSF Timisoara and RETTER Projectmanagement teams presented VTR metal beam systems and VFT WIB beam systems as innovations at the International Conference of Danube Bridges in Zelnita, so that as of 2018 carrying out and implementing these new technologies shall become a real success.

For the first time in our country, on Sebeș-Turda Highway, lot 2, at DJ 142 L overpass from Sâncrai, the first prefabricated beams in VFT-WIB composite solution were erected and installed. The classic solutions (prestressed concrete beams and composite steel-concrete deck) were replaced with externally rigid VFT-WIB reinforced prefabricated beams with 41-meter spans.

The choice of the technical solution for a bridge shall take into account aspects such as: durability and structural robustness, quick and easy execution, low construction and maintenance costs”, Guido RETTER (CEO).