Scurt istoric

Year Works
2006 RETTER Projectmanagemet SRL is established having as main object of activity “Activities for business and management consultancy”
2006 - 2008 Sibiu International Airport: project management
2008 - 2010 Bucharest Esplanade: project in public-private partnership (PPP) concerning the provision of development and project management services

The organization expands its core business by participating as a service provider/ subcontractor in the execution of civil, industrial, road and bridge construction works.
2010 Luxury house in Balotești: the debut in the civil construction sector by building the first luxury house in Balotești Commune, Ilfov County

Luxury penthouse in Herăstrău
2010 - 2011 Rehabilitation of national roads DN19: the first construction works as a subcontractor of SC STRABAG SRL, consisting in the execution of culverts on DN19
2011 - 2013 Deva-Orăștie Bypass, DN14: execution of bridges on Deva-Orăștie Bypass Road (3 bridges) and on Orăștie-Sibiu Highway, lot 1 (9 bridges)
2012-2014 Maintenance and Coordination Centre (CIC), Daimler Sebeș Production Hall, Marquardt Hall: industrial constructions and infrastructure)
2014-2016 Execution of Schweighofer Reci concrete platforms: road and road platform works

ELI – NP Măgurele: development, supply and installation of anti-seismic devices: steel springs and shock absorbers as a subcontractor of S.C.STRABAG S.R.L. The design of this prototype was made in partnership with Maurer AG.

Arc de Triomphe: installation of expansion joints. The development of this product was done in partnership with Maurer AG. Client: PMG Bucharest.
2016 10th Anniversary of RETTER Projectmanagement: celebrating 10 years of activity through a memorable teambuilding sprinkled with challenges, similar to the company's experience up to that point
2016 - 2017 Luxury residential house construction projects: Tuscan Houses Balotești and Citadel Eforie Nord luxury apartment complex

RETTER Projectmanagement officially becomes Maurer SE's representative in Romania in the sector of anti-seismic elements
2017 3 contracts were signed for the execution of superstructure works at 17 bridges on Sebeș-Turda Highway, Lot 2, as a subcontractor of the Aktor-Euro Construct Trading 98 Association

Signing of 3 contracts for development and design of Kika Bucharest Pallady stores, Kika in Bucharest Băneasa and Kika in Cluj
2018 Orhideea Towers Bucharest, RO (general contractor PORR Construct S.R.L. Romania): installation of 56 anti-seismic shock absorbers

Compass Romania: signing a contract with B. Braun Pharmaceuticals for ensuring quality management and site management. Project location: Sînandrei Locality, Timiș County, RO

China Visa Application Service Center - Bucharest, RO: project management, design and execution of works
2019 LPublic tender won by RETTER Projectmanagement for design, supply and installation services of expansion joints: Multiple Level Overpass Grant Bridge project, Bucharest, RO

Obtaining a building development permit for LIDL Șelimbăr store

Extension of Aktor SA scope of agreement to Sebeș-Turda project
2020 will follow