Our Services

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For more than 10 years, RETTER Group has been a reliable partner for the successful and professional implementation of projects in the construction sector and road infrastructure, development of innovative concepts with international partners, with constant success in consultancy, planning and project management and a responsibility assumed in environmental engineering sector.

Our Services


We offer you our ideas and solutions corresponding to your requirements and objectives. Together with our partners we develop customized concepts, based on the development of alternatives or the development of optimal technical solutions.


We assume full responsibility for the implementation of projects, taking into account the fulfilment of three basic considerations: quality of works performed, budget and compliance with deadlines. The know-how and expertise we have gained from carrying out various projects, the constant improvement of our standards and the actions as a general contractor allow us to offer customers an all-inclusive service package.


Through RETTER Architecture we offer our clients complete design services. Our specialized services include substantiation studies, various design phases, supervision of works and preparation of final documentation (Construction Log Book).

Through individual concepts, taking into account resource economic and consumption premises, we provide future-oriented solutions. By continuously ensuring quality, we support economic success in the design process.

We consider design as a support element for project management, and therefore we participate in the development of works and react to project changes, by adapting or redesigning it accordingly.


In project development sector, RETTER Projectmanagement offers services for design and development of large projects – from design to financing and marketing.

Carrying out the project development procedure is a complex process. From the initialization of the project, to the design and management of the project, up to the sale of the investment – we make all technical, legal and economic decisions which arise during all stages of development, so that the project is carried out within a predetermined limit of costs, quality and deadline.

In the context of the collaboration of engineers with international experience, together with SSF Munich and SSF Timișoara teams, we developed and brought to Romania the VFT-WIB® solution – prefabricated beams in composite solution – metal beams embedded in concrete as well as VTR metal beam systems.

Thus, we transformed creation and implementation of these innovative technologies into NORMALITY in the context of the execution of bridge superstructures in Romania.


During the implementation of various projects, coordination and monitoring of all contractors and suppliers involved, as well as preventive risk management are elements underlying the success of a project.


As Maurer AG’s local representative, we offer our clients and partners innovative solutions in seismic sector through Maurer structural protection systems.

With a continuous concern for the protection of structures and buildings against damage caused by moving forces such as earthquakes, traffic or weather, we provide anti-seismic devices such as supports, shock absorbers and expansion joints, as well as their installation services by qualified personnel at our partner’s headquarters in Munich.


In project management sector, RETTER Projectmanagement offers the entire spectrum of consultancy and management, in all stages of the project.

Our clients are companies of all areas, from private beneficiaries to public beneficiaries of ministries, counties or municipalities. We take over tasks for our clients, depending on the requirements of the projects, in coordination and project management sectors and we offer customized solutions taking into account the political, regional, social, legal and environmental protection conditions for each task.

Complying with project goals and overall commercial success is always at the forefront.

The quality of our services within a project is enhanced by the use of internationally recognized software programs, which have been specially adapted for the Romanian market, in collaboration with Sfirion AG in Munich.