On Tuesday, 09.08.2022, after the completion of the bid re-evaluation process, CNAIR communicated the result of the contract award procedure for “Design and Execution of the Bucharest Ring Motorway km 0+000-km 100+900, North Ring Sector km 0+000- km 52+770, Lot 1: km 2+500-km 20+000”.

This new project that we have in association with Impresa Pizzarotti& C SpA Italia S.p.A. has a value of 815,075,249.74 lei without VAT and its duration is of 34 months (12 months the design period and 22 months the execution period of the works). The guarantee given to the works is 10 years.

With a length of 17.5 km, the lot runs on the territory of Ilfov county between DJ 601A (Dragomirești Vale – Bâcu) and DN 1 near the town of Corbeanca.

Within this lot, 10 structures are provided, of which 2 passages of high technical complexity, having a length of 733 m (passage on the Ring Motorway over CF101 Bucharest – Pitesti DN7) and respectively 650 m (passage on the Ring Motorway over the Colentina river , CF 300 Bucharest – Ploiesti and CF Mogoșoaia – Buftea).

After the expiry of the period for submitting any appeals and respectively after the resolution of the contested/complaints formulated in the award procedure, the contract will be signed.

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