The first beam: a success!

The hour of the “metal monsters” continues with the lifting of the steel beams on the structure that will cross the Mureș river, in Sâncrai. A special feature of this bridge is given by the fact that it is built in a curve, so the pillars and the beams have been specially designed for it.

The future bridge over the Mureș river in Sâncrai has 4 openings, with 4 steel beams attached to each opening. In total there are 16 steel beams, that weigh less than the beams installed at a similar bridge over Mureș river in Rădești, app. 64 to. The “monster” that lifted them, a 600-to crane belonging to Deme Macarale, gave the impression that it was only playing with the beams.

The constant mobilisation of all those involved in the execution of works on A10 highway, as well as the increasingly visible results, give us real hopes that by the end of 2021 we will be able to drive on the highway from Sebeș to Cluj.

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