Sound-absorbing panels: purchase, transport and installation

Supply and installation of sound-absorbing panels

The object of this project is the Acquisition of sound-absorbing panels, with transport and installation included, within the project “Implementation of action plans to reduce road traffic noise – Stage 2011-2016”, LOT 1 – DRDP Bucharest and LOT 3 – DRDP Constanța.

Carried out in association with our partner Forster RO SRL, this project includes the supply and installation of a number of approx. 9,620 m of non-transparent sound barriers, respectively about 7,550 m of transparent sound barriers, on sectors of national roads and highways within 8 counties belonging to lot 1 DRDP Bucharest and lot 3 – DRDP Constanța.

The total value of the investment, for both lots, amounts to over 55 million lei (excluding VAT).

  • Client: C.N.A.I.R. S.A.
  • Categoria: Projects in Progress
  • Locația: Lot 1 - DRDP Bucharest, Lot 3 - DRDP Constanța